FABRIC Weekend: Kinfolk Issue thirteen

Welcome to Kinfolk Issue Thirteen: The Imperfect Issue. For their autumn edition, Kinfolk would like to celebrate the holes in our socks, our scorched attempts at marmalade-making and all the crappy haircuts we’ve had over the years. We’re all guilty of occasionally attempting to make our lives seem a little cleaner or a bit more organized, but Kinfolk happily acknowledges that the reality is often quite different. There’s nothing

wrong with daydreaming of an idyllic life, but what if we dropped the facade for a moment and celebrated our shortcomings? These flawed details are the beautifully blemished collateral of a life lived to the fullest. So make mistakes. Make a mess. Be imperfect. There’s also a delicious looking recipe for lemon arugula ricotta ravioli with brown butter and crispy sage for your weekend – YUM. Available now at FABRIC!


The celebrated Dover Street Market London opened on September 10th, 2004, and has marked it’s 10th anniversary with renovations, new installations, artist-decorated fitting rooms, a grand event space by Louis Vuitton, and a whole host of non-stop events and special edition product launches throughout the month of September. As a multi-level store conceptualised by Rei Kawakubo, the legendary Dover Street Market London houses all COMME des GARÇONS lines, as well as collections by the world’s most compelling brands, each accorded creative spaces to design and install as they please, which contributes to the most astonishing retail environment known the world over. The happy co-existence established

within Dover Street Market has lead to many exclusive collaborations between the designers and the store, adding another layer of dimension to the destination. Like the icing on the cake, FABRIC favourites Rose Bakery can be found on the topmost level, offering treats to cure the needs of even the most dedicated shoppers. “I want to create a kind of market where various creators from various fields gather together and encounter each other in an ongoing atmosphere of beautiful chaos: the mixing up and coming together of different kindred souls who all share a strong personal vision.” – Rei Kawakubo. Take a look through (a portion of) the intricate new fit out of Dover Street Market London below.

the wila sneaker

Get some more height with the Wila built-in-wedge sneakers, from Isabel Marant Étoile! Part of our

newest drop from the brand, they can be found in stores now at both FABRIC locations. $840NZD.

fabric film: palo alto

Blood Orange, formally known as Lightspeed Champion, is a staff favorite here at FABRIC‘s High Street store, so when we heard Devonté Hynes was producing the score for Gia Coppola’s Palo Alto, we knew it would be a must watch. Palo Alto, which was shown at the Venice Film Festival, is based on James Franco’s novel and is the debut feature film for Coppola, portraying teenage drift in the northern Californian town of

Palo Alto. Although the film was visually appealing using borrowed aesthetics from the likes of Coppola’s Aunt Sofia, what really got us was the soundtrack. Hynes paints a dark portrait with his use of mallet percussion and slow-moving synthesizer pads, the atmospheric soundtrack is reason enough to chose Palo Alto for your next trip to the cinema. Starring Emma Roberts, Teddy Kilmer, James Franco, Nat Wolff, and Val Kilmer.

winter boot sale begins today

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